Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore Opens with Special Promotion for Business Travellers

Selasa, 11 September 2012

Catering to the always-on lifestyle needs of the digital generation, Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore celebrates its entry as the first hotel residence in Singapore with the launch of a soft opening promotional package. The latest accommodation concept in Singapore by Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd, Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore is a hotel residence that brings an extensive range of hotel facilities and services together with the comfort and convenience of a full serviced residence to provide travellers with the option to choose how they want to recharge and relax. Ideal for the fast paced lifestyle of the business traveller, the Opening Special promotion, which is available till 15th November 2012, provides guests with the opportunity to experience the new hotel residence concept starting from S$198++ per night. Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore offers a range of spacious studios that come complete with fully equipped kitchenettes, walk-in wardrobes and luxuriously fitted bathrooms. Each floor has Spin & Play, integrated themed laundrettes where Wii, Xbox Kinect, Foosball, iPads, punching bags, TRX suspension training and Ciclotte exercise machines keep guests, who want to do their own laundry, fully entertained between spin cycles. The hotel residence also features meeting facilities, treat suites, 24-hour gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, a variety of dining options, and a host of e-efficiencies – including free and fast wireless internet – to help today’s tech-forward travellers stay constantly connected. Located in Changi Business Park, directly across from one of South East Asia’s largest exhibition centres Singapore Expo, Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore is part of the Changi City mix-use development, which also comprises a commercial building and a shopping mall with a variety of dining, retail and entertainment options. Reservations are subject to availability and can be made online at, by calling 1800 338 0800 or emailing Capri by Fraser, Changi City/Singapore is located at 3 Changi Business Park, Central 1, Singapore 486037. Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd’s current portfolio, including those in the pipeline, stands at 73 properties in 39 key gateway cities, and more than 12,200 apartments worldwide.


Travel to Thailand and Get a Free Night's Voucher through

Senin, 13 Juni 2011 is a quickly growing company offering unique housing accommodations throughout the globe. Recently, Thailand has been added to the growing list of places travelers can find local housing. Wimdu is a website dedicated exclusively to matching those traveling locally or internationally with local home-owners so the visitors can share new experiences and immerse themselves in the culture. is currently offering a voucher for a free night's stay with any of the listings on their website. This is a limited opportunity for travelers to receive a free night's stay on a vacation or business venture.

There are many reasons why Wimdu is excited to add Thailand to their list of opportunities for housing.

The reasons to visit Thailand are varied, but known as the "Land of Smiles", it is one of the most welcoming countries for tourists. It is also very friendly for English speakers. Deciding to stay with a local family will let any traveler experience the hospitable nature of the people.

Wimdu also prides itself on protecting travelers. While the Thai people are friendly, no traveler wants to be scammed. Using an agency, such as, travelers are guaranteed that when they get to their destination they will have a place to stay. Once there has been a successful check in, then Wimdu releases the funds to the home-owner.

Travelers to Thailand may have already experienced the great food, temperate weather and beautiful country side. Whether going for the first time, or as a regular visitor, allows travelers to select housing from a variety of choices. Whether the individual wants a room with a family, or is seeking a full apartment for a family vacation, the website makes finding the perfect place easy.

Once dates are entered into the website, travelers can search by city, or countrywide. Wimdu offers every choice of housing in Thailand, from a room with a family, where visitors can experience daily living in a Thai family, to bungalow apartments or high end multi-bedroom condos.

One of the reasons Thailand has long been a favored vacation spot is the American dollar goes a long way in Thailand. Prices on food, entertainment and travel are very reasonable. Wimdu keeps the cost down for visitors as well, with many of their listings under one hundred dollars a night for top-notch accommodations. Traveling to Thailand may be more affordable than thought.

Windu is designed to protect both host and traveler through online profiles and reviews. Once a guest has stayed at the location, a detailed review of the location and the host can be left. The host also gets the same measure of protection by leaving a review on how well the guest left the home. Once a guest decides on a location, hosts the email exchange through their messaging system. This protects privacy until an agreement is reached, at which time the traveler is given direct contact.

Although a young company, Wimdu's slogan of "Discover the world, discover the community, join Wimdu" brings the concept to a whole new level. Rather than merely passing through a country, visitors get the opportunity to experience the community and culture. In the ever-changing international climate, having the opportunity to learn about other cultures first hand is a unique experience.

Wimdu is continuing to position itself as a leader in the travel industry. As more locations such as Thailand are added daily, travelers have a tool to find quality housing for a great price. This makes it easier than ever to travel on a budget.

ABOUT WIMDU.COM: To get started, simply visit or visit their Facebook page for a free night's voucher. There, you will find links providing more detailed information on listing your property or finding accommodations.

You can also use the vouchers below, which are on first come, first served basis.
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More information can be found online at


Pizza places in New York

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

If you are living in NY then most probably you are spend a mechanical life, A life in which it is very difficult to make food because you does not have that much time. So the most suitable food is fast food. When we talk about the fast food the first name came into our mind is pizza. New York City is famous for its unique taste and wide verity of taco that make you taco addict. If you taste that one time you are not going to eat anything else!

Because of the growing demand of the blintze new places or open day by day and it is very difficult to remember which place is giving the better stuff. So for solving this problem this article will help you to find the best places for fast food in New York City. Lists of the most popular spots are discussed here.

If you want to eat Neapolitan blintze then the best place for that delicious eatable is Motorino. They have two outlets in NYC, one at East Village and another at Williamsburg.

If you are a pizza love and you can wait or same time stands in queue but the reward of that struggle are you can get the delicious pizza that its one bite forgets you your entire struggle then try Artichoke Basille's Here you can also get square Sicilian slice, and an artichoke-spinach slice.

If you can eat the spicy and chill fast food then try Nick’s house who is offering large rang of pizz.
Patsy Pizzeria is the largest chain in New York and famous for its exclusive pizza coatings and astonishing deals all over the world. They are also providing 24/7 services or they have the take away services you can also odder the blintze on telephone and they gave you the free home delivery and you do not need to give tip to the delivery boy because it is there company policy.

The oldest taco place which is famous for its classic taste and always crowed with the local and tourist is Lombardi. Bleecker Street and Joe’s provide you the topped taco with freshness delectable.
If you can afforded and you want the place that is not crowed or simply if we say that you want to eat pizza in 5 star style then try Grimaldi's and Franny's. Other places in NY areGrimaldi's Pizzeria, DiFara's Pizzeria, John's Pizzeria and Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano.

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